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Frequently Asked Questions

How are new members selected?


    Our criteria for selection of new members includes, but is not limited to:

  • date of application

  • unit size and its suitability for the housing needs of the applicant

  • the projected and immediate financial or other needs and resources of the co-op

  • the applicant’s ability and willingness to participate in the management of the co-op


    When a suite becomes available, applicants who qualify will be invited to attend an interview. The interview will give us an opportunity to meet you, explain how our co-op works, assess your suitability for our co-op and answer any questions you may have.



How are members expected to contribute to the running of the co-op?


    All adult members are required to join and participate in at least one committee: Board, Finance, Maintenance, Membership or Social/Education. Participation in monthly house meetings, annual general meetings and occasional "work parties" is also expected.


Are new members required to purchase shares?


    Yes, if you are accepted into the co-op, you will be required to make a share purchase. Share purchases range from $1,000 - $3,000 depending on the size of the unit.

How much are monthly housing charges?


    Monthly housing charges vary depending on the size of the unit with one bedroom units starting at approximately $1000.00/month.


Is a minimum income required to apply?


    Yes, applicant's monthly income must be a minimum of three times their monthly housing charges.


Do you have subsidized units available?


    No. Housing charge subsidies are not available to new members.

How long is the wait list?


    It is difficult to say just how long the wait is to become a member in our co-op. There are applicants currently on the wait list should vacancies arise. However, applicants often do find other co-ops or other housing options. Because of this and the unpredictability of move-outs, we are unable to estimate just how long the wait may be before suitable housing becomes available for you. In addition, we are a small housing co-operative with just 36 units and a low member turnover rate. We realize that waiting can be quite frustrating, and that it may be difficult to obtain membership in a co-op which interests you. We suggest that you apply to several co-ops. More information, including a comprehensive list of housing co-ops in BC, can be found at:


Co-operative Housing Federation of British Columbia

220 - 1651 Commercial Drive

Vancouver, BC  V5L 3Y3


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