We are not currently accepting applications.

    Thank you for your interest in our housing cooperative. Our waitlist has reached capacity and we are not accepting new applications at this time. Pending applications and fees postmarked after February 15th, 2021 will not be processed.

If you have already applied:


    We keep applications on file in the order of date received for a period of two years. When a vacancy comes up, applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. We will not get in touch with you unless there is a suitable vacancy.

    After two years, your name will be removed from the wait list unless you submit a request to renew your application. There are no additional application fees for renewals, but please make a note on your calendar so that you renew before your application has expired. It is also important to update your application as needed if there are any changes to your suite requirements, household size and income as we use this information as criteria when deciding whom to contact should a vacancy arise.

     When renewing or updating your application, be sure to include names of applicants, date of original application and size of unit applied for. Send renewals and updates by mail to:


Membership Committee

Robson Park Housing Cooperative

40 - 234 East 15th Avenue

Vancouver BC  V5T 2P9

or by email to: 



    Please understand that co-op members all lead regular lives, and are simply unable to offer a more personal response to general inquiries. PLEASE NOTE: The email 
address above is only used for renewals. General inquiries will not receive a response.