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Welcome! We are a small, family-oriented housing cooperative located in Vancouver, BC.

    We have three sites located in Mount Pleasant: St. George, Sophia and 15th Avenue. All three sites are within walking distance of major transit routes, elementary schools, grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants and community centres. We have a total of 36 units ranging in size from one to three bedrooms. Housing charges and share purchases vary and are based on unit size.

    RPHC is a democratic organization, controlled by its members, who all share responsibility for the community we form and the facilities we maintain. Through our board, committees, house meetings and annual general meetings, all members participate in promoting the health and well-being of the co-op.

    We are a diverse community of individuals and families. All are welcome, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental health, physical or cognitive capabilities, ethnicity, religion or age. We are committed to maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for all of our members.


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